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If you are looking for an air freight forwarder in Dubai that offers exceptional service, then Avionhaze is the perfect company for you. We provide our clients with progressive technology and infrastructure to meet today's business challenges. We are equipped with high-end technology that helps to uplift your goods quickly, arrange for shipments more efficiently and offer a wide range of services. Besides being an accredited company we share a strong bond of trust with our customers.

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  • Expert DG services
  • 24 Hours assistance in DXB, DWC and ABU Dhabi
  • Free DG inspection all over UAE
  • Exclusive service for DGF handover in Dubai airports
  • Dedicated transport service with 3 Ton, 7 Ton and trailer services
What are Dangerous Goods?

There are 9 classes of dangerous goods and the class is determined by the nature of the danger they present:


Explosives are materials that can detonate or conflagrate rapidly as a consequence of chemical reactions. At Avionhaze, we are experienced in dealing with explosives.


Gases are capable of causing serious harm due to their flammable nature. They are toxic and can oxidize, and can harm humans when it get into the body.

Flammable liquids

Flammable liquids are mixtures of liquids or liquids with solid suspension. When exposed to temperatures more than 65 degrees these liquids can cause severe harm due to their volatility.

Flammable solids

These are self-reactive substances that can cause fire through friction. They can go through strong exothermic reactions hence they are liable to spontaneous heating under normal transport conditions.

Oxidising agents & organic peroxides

These are substances that can induce combustion by generating oxygen because of the redox chemical reaction. This substance can yield oxygen, not by itself and cause combustion of other materials.

Toxic and infectious substance

These are substances that can create serious injury or death when inhaled or swallowed by humans. Infectious substances are those that contain pathogens in them.

Radioactive material

These are materials containing radionuclides. A radionuclide is an atom with an unstable nucleus and which is therefore subject to radioactive decay.


Corrosives are materials that under chemical action disintegrate or degrade other materials when in contact. It will cause damage when came in contact with living tissue or, in the case of leakage, damage or destroy surrounding materials.

Miscellaneous Dangerous Substances

Miscellaneous Dangerous Substance and articles, including environmentally Hazards Substance.

Services We Offer

Successfully Managing Lead Logistics For World’s Multinational Companies

We are proud to be able to successfully manage the lead logistics of the world's multinational companies. Our staffs take the time to understand your company's logistic needs and strive to deliver services on time.


DG shipping

Dangerous goods are goods that need to be handled with utmost care and consideration due to their hazardous nature. As a responsible DG shipper, we determine the suitability of all hazardous materials.

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Dangerous Goods Repacking

Packing goods that are dangerous or considered hazardous takes specialist skills. Whether you are looking to transport dangerous goods by sea, by air or by road, the packing crates...

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The safety of your goods is our commitment. We ensure quality care for all the goods we receive. You can keep your goods in our warehouse for as long as you need.

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Labelling your cargo correctly is a paramount thing to do. More than a legal procedure, it is also a step towards risk reduction for your goods.

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  • Shippers Declaration for Dangerous Goods.
  • Complete range of packing materials For Dangerous Goods and General Cargo available.
  • Custom UN RATED DG packages
  • DG Shipments on-site packing upon request.
  • IATA specified inner packagings are always in stock.
  • Secure ,confidential and Proactive communication.
  • Special expertize team for handling RADIOACTIVE and EXPLOSIVE shipments
  • Spot DCAA approval , SSD approval ,police approval for export shipments
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